Waterskiing Activity

If you love the outdoors and you love the water, going to the beach... water-skiing is an extension of that. Holding onto a piece of rope at the back of a boat that can travel at a very fast speed will increase the adrenaline rush. In parallel to the thrill of this activity, many health benefits are there too. This sport uses every muscle in your body: in parallel to the effort on the lower body, it develops your postures, shoulders and arms. Your balance will increase and your core will strengthen. You will also be working on your resistance. On top of all that, being on the water has a meditative effect too. It calms your mind and forces you to forget about the daily stress and routine. Are you already fan of this sport? Would you like to try it? Al Bihar hotel will help you with all the needed setup (boat, equipment, instructor...) to experience or practice this water sport.